Tips of Staying Cool while on a Road Trip through Death Valley

Photographers at Zabriskie Point, Death Valley

Death Valley is a location in the U.S that most people dream of visiting. It is a hot desert visited by millions of people every single year.  You will surely enjoy a road trip at the Death Valley as it has some of the most captivating sites you can visit.

The major issue with this location is that there is usually at least two heat related deaths that occur almost every year. This is due to its sky-high temperatures.  This is why it got the name. Following this, it is important that you take note of a few things when planning for a trip to this place especially if you will be having your car.  When it comes to Death Valley, people due in cars and dogs as well due to too much heat.  Hence, as you visit the place, the following are the three essentials to help you remain cool.

The first tip is to consider your vehicle.  Avoid taking your old vehicle to this place.  The high levels of heat is also a clear indication that you should not travel in  a black machine.  Preferably, you need a white car.  If you fail to find one, then opt for another light color provided it is able to reflect the hot sun rays  Without saying, you will need a properly working air conditioning system.  While you will not have the machine on all the time to prevent damages, you can schedule to switch it on so that you can enjoy a bit of cold air along the way. Get more info.

Next, it is important that you take shelter at every stops.  Even with a bright colored car with a proper functioning air conditioning unit, the heat will become more unbearable as you proceed to the interiors of the Death Valley. Therefore, you will find it necessary to take  few stops. However, staying under the hot sun would not be of much help thus, the bed idea is to taking an awning.  This will prevent you from the risk of heat stroke and sun burns.  Fortunately, awnings are very easy to make hence , you will not have to roast in the sun in the process. Check this product here!

Last but not least, make sure that your trunk is full of enough bottled water.  People tend to underestimate the amount of water they would require.  But preferably, each person should carry at least 20 liters of water.  Just have it in mind that you need to regulate how you take the water. Instead of taking a large amount of water, you can choose to take sips and by doing this, you can be sure of staying hydrated and healthy during your trip.

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